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Program Philosophy

I have developed this philosophy through three elements: Experience, education and beliefs. I truly believe all of these aspects, when used consistently, lead to the best program and most well-adjusted children in the age group I work with.

As an early childhood educator, I believe:
Children thrive best in a family environment
Children learn best and stay healthiest in a small group
Children need consistency in caregivers
Children need a stable routine
Children benefit most from a daily return to child care
Children always try to live up to reasonable expectations
Children should be taught about God and build a relationship with Him at an early age
Children are taught best by example
Young children learn best through hands-on experiences
Children need plenty of time to learn independently, need opportunities throughout the day to express themselves creatively, and learn ideas and concepts more thoroughly when reinforced through teacher direction
Children should not be pushed in areas that they are not physically, intellectually, or emotionally developed to the point of expectation; however, children should be encouraged to grow and not stunted from developing
Discipline (guidance) should be consistent and fit the action or behavior being disciplined
Corporal (physical) punishment is not appropriate or acceptable in day care
Children benefit most from their day care and early learning experiences when parents and teachers work cooperatively together
Children should have plenty of learning materials available to them
Children should start out early in life with appropriate responsibilities
Children should be unconditionally loved by all caregivers

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