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As teachers and parents, we are well-aware of the need for developmentally appropriate curriculum that not only is educationally challenging, but fun for the children and affordable for teachers. You know the saying... "Preschool teaching- cute little children, cute little paycheck!" We think the same could be said for time as well! Most importantly, preschool taught from a Christian perspective helps our littlest people to build a strong foundation in the Lord. How can we meet these requirements?

We have many challenges in early childhood.
We have parents who demand the best for their children- if they don't find what they are looking for in our programs, it's a sure bet that they will find it down the street. We have a very competitive field. It's our responsibility to meet those needs while at the same time offer the best curriculum we can according to modern research and what is suggested by NAEYC (what is the National Association for the Education of Young Children? Click here) as developmentally appropriate practice.

We have very little time. Our days are spent working directly with children, setting up our classrooms, meeting with parents, helping co-workers if we have them. We also have our own families who get far too little from us as it is. WE NEED MORE TIME!

We have limited funds. Again, cute little paycheck! This isn't the best paying field, although cetrainly one of the most demanding. We need to make our dollars work for us.

We have great minds in tiny, energetic packages to teach, nurture and love. Oh, and the rewards!

Kids of the Kingdom Preschool Curriculum will help you meet these demands each and every day!

Check out our menu on the left to learn all about the program that can help you increase enrollment, please parents, drastically reduce discipline problems, arrange your classroom,  save you TONS of time, and best of all, educate the little minds, souls, and bodies that are entrusted to you each day!

Family child care professionals will find that Kids of the Kingdom DELUXE Packs are  a perfect fit with your program. Just place your order at least 3 weeks before the start of the next month's curriculum and your curriculum will ship the week of the 14th, plenty of time to arrive, unpack and get ready for a fulfilling, enjoyable and educational month ahead. You can even subscribe through Paypal for worry-free billing.

Family child care teachers love our program because it's so easy and it is developmentally-appropriate. Parents love it because their children are learning and thrilled to go to preschool in your program. Children love it because it is fun, and the accomplishments as they learn and explore make them feel proud of themselves.

 Early childhood education is very important to today's parents. They want their children prepared to excel in school. Parents will stay with a program that their children are happy and learning in.

2 Packs are available that will meet your needs:

DELUXE- arrives at your door each month with all supplies included.

E-Curriculum- arrives in your email box ready to download and print out. Supplies are purchased by you.